A Firm Foundation

Concrete being poured into forms for the new foundation.
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Construction on the new Thompson Exhibition Building continued throughout the summer with the excavation of the site and the pouring of the concrete foundation. In the end, a total of 6,450 cubic yards of dirt fill will be required to raise the grade above the level required for flood and storm protection.

The building’s systems infrastructure–water and sewer lines, electrical, IT, and the pipes for the network of geothermal wells–will be installed within the fill. Once in place, the sub-grade will be covered with crushed stone and a layer of foam insulation and a concrete pad will then be poured for the finished floor.

Beginning in early October, the 105-foot glued-laminate beams that support the arched roof will begin to be erected. They will arrive in sections from the factory in Quebec and be hoisted into position and assembled on site. Once the first three of the beams are in place, separate teams will follow and install the building’s sheathing and roofing. The goal is to have the structure weather-tight by winter.

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