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Thank you for your interest in Mystic Seaport Museum. The Communications Department is the primary point of contact for all media requests. We are here to assist you and will do our best to accommodate your media needs regarding the Museum. If you are a member of the media and would like to be added to our distribution list, please email press@mysticseaport.org.

Mystic Seaport Museum is located in Mystic, Connecticut, about 10 miles east of New London off I-95.

Visitor Photography

Visitors to Mystic Seaport Museum are welcome to take photographs for non-commercial, personal use only unless otherwise posted. The use of tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks on vessels or exhibits is prohibited, as is the use of drones.

Visitors are encouraged to share their images on social media with the hashtag #mysticseaportmuseum.

Visitor Art

Individual artists are also welcome at Mystic Seaport Museum. As is the case with visitors who take photos for personal use, sketch artists and painters may create work for their personal and non-commercial use only.

Photography and Art Clubs

Photography and art clubs are welcome to come to Mystic Seaport Museum with prior arrangement. As with regular visitors, club members can photograph or create work for their personal and non-commercial use only. The club or organization will be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging this limited use prior to arrival on the grounds. Interested clubs should send an email inquiry with details of their intended activity to permissions@mysticseaport.org.

News Media

News media and other professional photographers are not allowed to shoot on the grounds or in the exhibits without prior approval from the Communications Department and are not allowed on the grounds unaccompanied. Please email press@mysticseaport.org for more information.

Commemorative Photography

The privilege to shoot photographs on Mystic Seaport Museum grounds for individuals or groups who wish to commemorate a special occasion such as a graduation or reunion is granted on a case-by-case basis under the following terms: (Please see the note below concerning wedding photography.)

  • Requests should be made in advance to the Visitors Services Department.
  • Regular admission rates will apply for the photographer and subjects.
  • Photography must take place during regular business hours. This period includes the hour after exhibits close, when the grounds are still open to visitors.
  • The shoot is to last no longer than one hour.
  • Photography may not take place inside exhibits or on board any of the vessels, including the gangways. All efforts should be taken not to disturb the experience of other visitors. Mystic Seaport visitors have first priority, and should not be disrupted in their enjoyment of the Museum.
  • Permission to shoot photography is granted for personal use only. No commercial use is to be made of photos or videos taken by any of the parties.
  • No operation of a drone is allowed on/above Mystic Seaport Museum grounds.
  • Photography may not begin until a signed release form is executed by the participant(s) and the photographer. (Download the Form)
  • Violation of these terms is determined at the discretion of Mystic Seaport staff members and violators can be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

Interested parties should contact the Visitor Services Department at info@mysticseaport.org/  or 860.572.0711 to discuss their request and schedule a shoot.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is limited to parties holding their ceremony or reception at Mystic Seaport Museum through our partner Lancer Hospitality. To inquire about holding your wedding at Mystic Seaport, please visit here.

Professional Location Services

If you are considering Mystic Seaport Museum as a location for a commercial film, video, or photo production, please read our location production guidelines and contact press@mysticseaport.org for additional information.

Policy revised December 2023.

Your next location for film/video/photo and commercial productions.

If you are considering Mystic Seaport Museum as a location for a film, video, photo or commercial production, please read our location production guidelines and contact Mary Anne Stets at 860.572.5362 or mary.anne.stets@mysticseaport.org for additional information.

Thank you for considering Mystic Seaport as a location. Mystic Seaport is a location that features historic tall ships and buildings, a waterfront village, and a working shipyard. In addition, we’re a resource for resident experts in maritime history, including a world-class research library with impressive collections of historic documents and visuals, and skilled craftsmen and shipbuilders.

Additional materials and resources are available to meet your production needs. For an additional fee, we offer 1870s-focused costumes, boat rentals, and limited props. Our first priority is the visitor. We recommend a site visit prior to production in order to be sure all needs and expectations can be met. The Museum is open year-round and while projects may be possible in any season, the size and scope of the project will affect how and when we can accommodate your work.



Please contact press@mysticseaport.org