Fall Panorama


The American Institute for Maritime Studies (AIMS) focuses on education, research, scholarship and community engagement. Scholars and thought leaders throughout the maritime world will now have vast new opportunities to engage with Mystic Seaport Museum and our peerless collections replete with fascinating stories just waiting to be told.  AIMS integrates our flagship education programs: The Frank C. Munson Institute for Graduate Studies and Internship Program, The Paul Cuffe Memorial Fellowship, and the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program with our collections, both physically and digitally accessible, and the G. W. Blunt White Library. AIMS also focuses on scholarly programming related to maritime studies, including lecture series, conferences, symposia and publications.

At Mystic Seaport Museum, we believe that the sea connects us all and that every object, artifact, and document in our collection has a tale to tell. Time and time again deep research, thorough scholarship, archiving and digitization, enable us to conjure the very voices and perspectives of the people who lived the tale. 

Visit the American Institute of Maritime Studies and Find Your Sea Story!