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‘Keep reaching your dreams how high it may seem`'s’ © Vhernard Manalad Hernandez from ITF Seafarer’s Trust Life at Sea project.


A biannual peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal.

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In Fall 2023, Mystic Seaport Museum will launch an exciting new initiative, Mainsheet, a biannual peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, available simultaneously online and in-print. The goal of Mainsheet is to fill a gap in refereed scholarship on maritime studies that has been left open by the dissolution of the American Neptune and other like-minded journals over the last 20 years. While several excellent journals still exist internationally, Mainsheet will be the only publication of its type produced by an American maritime museum. What will also set Mainsheet apart are: its multi-disciplinary perspectives; its accessibility to a broad global diverse audience on issues past, present, and future; and its freshness of design and distribution. The editorial board will represent a national and international team of invited expert scholars from various fields and partner institutions, with guest editors for special editions.

The Fall 2023, Inaugural Print Issue: $25

Digital Issues: Open Access and Free Online to All

Annual Subscription Options will be available in 2024.

While Mainsheet will be globally focused, each issue will be tied with annual institutional initiative themes at Mystic Seaport Museum that drive exhibitions, programming, symposia, lecture series, and the Frank C. Munson Institute for American Maritime History during that year and/or the year proceeding. Therefore, the first issue will highlight maritime social history to align with our major upcoming exhibition Entwined: Freedom, Sovereignty, and the Sea. The following issues will focus on the connections of marine science with maritime history in regards to ocean health and the impact of maritime activity on the world’s oceans, historically and currently.

The responses to calls for papers will focus on the general annual theme but can cover a wide range of national and international subjects and disciplines to reflect new and exciting scholarship in these areas. The goal is for those whose proposals are accepted to also participate in a broadening slate of annual academic conferences and lecture series hosted by Mystic Seaport Museum.

In addition to the 6-8 peer-reviewed articles by scholars, Mainsheet will include poetry, fiction, and the arts that also connect to the related journal themes. There will be a section highlighting upcoming research of young scholars in maritime studies as well as reviews of publications, exhibitions, and important events for the coming season. The publications will be perfect-bound of the highest quality production and design, approximately 144 pages per issue. The Call for Papers for our Spring 2024 issue on the theme of Maritime Technologies, Livelihoods, and Economies is now available here.

Editorial Board

Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, PhD. Professor,
University of Connecticut

James Boyd, PhD. Head of Research,
Brunel Institute/SS Great Britain Trust

Rick Burroughs, PhD. Professor,
University of Rhode Island

James Carlton, PhD. Professor Emeritus,
Williams-Mystic: The Coastal & Ocean Studies Program of Williams College & Mystic Seaport Museum

Jason Chang, PhD. Associate Professor,
University of Connecticut

Richard W. Clary, JD. Trustee,
Mystic Seaport Museum

Kevin Dawson, PhD. Associate Professor,
University of California, Merced

Christine DeLucia, PhD. Associate Professor,
Williams College

Michael P. Dyer. Curator of Maritime History,
New Bedford Whaling Museum

Dan Finamore, PhD. Russell W. Knight
Curator of Maritime Art and History,
Peabody Essex Museum

Michael R. Harrison,
Chief Curator & Obed Macy Research Chair,
Nantucket Historical Association

Fred Hocker, PhD. Research Director,
Vasa Museum in Stockholm

Matthew McKenzie, PhD. Professor,
University of Connecticut

Michael Moore, PhD. Senior Scientist,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Lincoln Paine, BA. Adjunct faculty,
University of Maine School of Law

Christopher Pastore, PhD. Associate Professor,
University at Albany (SUNY)

Helen M. Rozwadowski, PhD. Professor,
University of Connecticut

Joshua M. Smith, PhD. Director,
American Merchant Marine Museum

Lisa Utman Randall,
Editor of Poetry

Jeroen van der Vliet. Head of Collections,
Het Scheepvaart Museum

Richard Vietor. Trustee,
Mystic Seaport Museum

Timothy Walker, PhD. Professor,
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Mystic Seaport Museum Staff Contributors

Christina Connett Brophy, PhD, Editor in Chief; Michelle I. Turner, PhD, JD, Managing Editor; Elysa Engelman, PhD; Akeia de Barros Gomes, PhD; Paul O’Pecko; Quentin Snediker; Mary Anne Stets; Claudia Triggs, JD