girls in costume for Pirate Day Parade

Pirate Days

April 11 – 12

Avast, me hearties, head over to Mystic Seaport Museum for Pirate Days on April 11-12 for a treasure trove of outdoor fun for the whole family! Storm the Museum to get your map and compass and put those navigation skills to the test. Find the secret loot, meet our friendly pirates, and enjoy performances to boot! Pirate lads and lasses of all ages will love our games, crafts, and activities. Dress the part and join in a pirate parade – ye won’t want to miss it! Check out the schedule here!

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Hunt for Treasure!

Any pirate worth their salt knows how to navigate the high seas or find the spoils others have hidden on land. Grab your treasure hunting kit and  follow the clues on the map to get your prize!

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*Kits include one treasure map and one compass.

Did You Know?

  • Pirates who visited tropical locations did often come back with parrots. Parrots don’t eat much and provided entertainment for bored sailors!
  • While female pirates weren’t exactly common, they did exist! The best-known female pirates were Ann Bonny, Mary Read, Rachel Wall and Ching Shih (also known as Cheng I Sao).
  • There are only two verified accounts of pirates burying treasure. Most pirates spent their loot as soon as they could!
  • Pirates didn’t sing sea chanteys! The Golden Age of Piracy spanned the years of 1680-1720 but chanteys were not commonly used until the 1820s!