In 1837 Isaac Ames bought property in Lincolnville, Maine, on Penobscot Bay and started a salmon fishing business. During the spring salmon run, he set his pound net alongshore to entrap salmon swimming up the bay. In 1838 or 1839, he built a small shack which was used during the off-season to house the mooring lines, nets, floats, and buoys that made up his “hook of nets.”

Isaac’s son, George Ames, continued the business as did his grandson, Robie Ames, who fished until 1947, when the scarcity of salmon made it impractical to continue. At that time he carefully stored all the gear in the shack and locked the door.

In 1967 Mystic Seaport was able to purchase all of his fishing gear, and soon Robie donated the shack to the Museum. After partial disassembly, the building was moved to Mystic in 1969 and restored. The restoration was completed in 1977 and today, the building is fitted out with the original salmon fishing gear that came from the family.