Public Parking & Shuttle to Downtown Mystic at Mystic Seaport Museum

Everything You Need To Know About The Public Parking & Shuttle Service at the Museum

Laz Parking at Mystic Seaport MuseumacParking in downtown Mystic has been a growing challenge and the Museum is now working Laz Parking to alleviate traffic and parking issues during the peak tourist season. The south half of the Museum’s South Lot, located along Route 27 will be available to downtown visitors for $10 per day (Museum members and visitors will continue to enjoy free parking).

Laz Parking at Mystic Seaport MuseumacThis fee includes a free shuttle bus service to downtown Mystic which will run from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and may be adjusted as demand is established over the course of the season. Downtown Mystic visitors will be prompted through parking lot signage to pay via the Laz Parking App or through Text to Donate. Proof of payment will be required to gain shuttle access.

Parking for Museum members and visitors will remain free in the north half of the south lot as well as the in the North Parking lot, located across from the Thompson Exhibition Building. Guests of Latitude 41 will also continue to benefit from free parking in the North Parking Lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why paid parking at Mystic Seaport Museum?

In partnership with the Town of Stonington, Mystic Seaport Museum is working as a community partner to alleviate traffic congestion and lack of parking options in downtown Mystic.

Laz Parking will provide a paid parking option and shuttle bus to downtown. 

Where do I park if I want to visit downtown Mystic?

Paid parking for downtown Mystic is available in the southern half of the south lot at Mystic Seaport Museum. Follow street signs for Laz Parking and take the traffic light at the tug boat. When you enter the parking lot, follow signs and turn to the right for paid parking.

Do I need to pay to park if I am visiting the Museum?

Parking for Museum visitors and members is free!
If you are visiting the Museum as a member or visitor, please park in the north lot, or the northern half of the south lot (follow signs).

Only the southern half of the South Lot is reserved for paid parking for those visiting downtown Mystic.

What is the cost?

The fee is $10/day which allows you access to the shuttle bus.

How do I pay?

Signage in the lot will provide a QR code to scan for payment. Signage will also provide information on a text to pay option. If you are a frequent user, you can download the Laz Parking app.

What time does the shuttle bus run?

Right now, the plan is to run 10am-6pm and we will announce extended hours if we see that there is later demand. Shuttle wait time is less than 15 minutes, depending on traffic. Board at the shuttle bus stop in the South Lot. The shuttle run is about 2 minutes and drops off near the flagpole in downtown Mystic. You can pick it up in the same location to return to the Museum. You can leave your car in the lot past 6pm, but you will need to walk back from downtown Mystic once the shuttle bus stops running. It is less than half a mile from the Museum’s parking lot to downtown Mystic.

Is the shuttle bus handicapped accessible?


Do I need to display my payment receipt?

No, when you register, you enter your license plate which can be checked for payment verification.

You need to show proof of payment on your mobile device to board the shuttle bus.