Ocean Exploration and Discovery Video Gallery

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At GFOE, we explore the earth’s greatest depths, produce the tools needed to get there, foster relationships with global partners, and bring you (the general public) along for the ride. Our team designs, builds, and operates some of the most advanced underwater robotic technology in the field.  Through our work in the deep sea, we help society to understand, interpret and protect this critical ocean environment. 

We train today’s ocean exploration workforce, not only for the national ocean exploration program, but for the community at large.  We identify and develop career paths for young engineers that allow them to experience an end-to-end process of undersea technology design through application. We are also committed to supporting filmmakers who can tell the stories of our ocean, helping to increase public awareness and appreciation of the underwater environment.


Ask someone working in the maritime fields today what inspired them to choose this career path and you will get a wide variety of answers – for some it was watching Jacques Cousteau, for others maybe it was reading Jules Verne, or perhaps it’s a family tradition, and for some it was just the lure of the sea.  In any case, they were inspired.

GFOE has created a gallery of stunning underwater video imagery that will inspire visitors to delve deeper into the present-day maritime experience.  We present information on our explorations, inspire the next generation of explorers, and promote STEM careers.  Most importantly, we bring the visitor along on our expeditions via live, satellite technology so they will become part of the team, and see the discoveries as they are being made.