National Philanthropy Day

Celebrating the great contributions of philanthropy--and those people active in the Mystic Seaport philanthropic community.

More than 100 PILOTS participated in the fall 2014 PILOTS Weekend at Mystic Seaport.  Working as a team to accomplish a variety of work projects, PILOTS receive special insight and behind-the-scenes views of Mystic Seaport as they work alongside Museum staff for a spring and/or fall weekend each year.

“Every time we come to Mystic Seaport, we learn something new, which nurtures us. We all gain a spring in our steps when we visit this place, like the children we bring with us and within us. Mystic Seaport is an irreplaceable treasure of artworks, engineering, historical knowledge, and the continuing story of our nation. We will always support the vibrant health of this place, an exceptionally important piece of the fabric that is America that will enrich our children and your children and countless generations to come.” – Ladd Thorne

Students coming off a week of sail training aboard schooner Brilliant present Mystic Seaport with a gift of support.
After a week of sail training aboard schooner Brilliant, students present Mystic Seaport with a gift of support.

On National Philanthropy Day, November 15, Mystic Seaport extends deep appreciation to the individuals, families, foundations, and corporations for their philanthropic support that help to sustain and nurture this exemplary institution. Our success is only possible thanks to the generosity of your time and support – Thank you!

At Mystic Seaport we are impacting lives every day by cultivating an enduring connection to our maritime heritage. Through first-hand experiences utilizing artifacts, craftsmanship, and skills we are passing on the importance of America’s seafaring past. Your support makes it possible for us to reach thousands annually in innovative ways on our campus, in schools, and online. Mystic Seaport is recognized as our nation’s preeminent maritime museum and relies on the generosity of like-minded philanthropists to help us keep our connection to this important part of our nation’s history vibrant. Whether you are an annual donor or an active volunteer, your gifts ensure the ongoing care of our Museum and guarantee that future generations will benefit from the inspiring legacy that is Mystic Seaport.

We are deeply grateful to you for your belief and investment in Mystic Seaport and all we aspire to achieve.