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Mystic Seaport Museum Announces Debut of Mainsheet Publication

Mystic Seaport Museum proudly announces the debut of Mainsheet: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Maritime Studies, a groundbreaking journal that fills a field gap in peer-reviewed scholarship that has been left by the dissolution of the American Neptune and other similar journals over the last twenty years. This biannual publication, available both online and in print, sets itself apart with its multidisciplinary approach, global themes and accessibility, and innovative design and distribution. Mainsheet offers a unique platform for scholars worldwide to explore maritime issues spanning the past, present, and future. With a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, the journal welcomes perspectives from various disciplines, ensuring a rich and comprehensive dialogue on maritime topics. 

While Mainsheet maintains a global focus, each issue is tied with annual institutional initiative themes at Mystic Seaport Museum that drive exhibitions, programming, symposia, lecture series, and the Frank C. Munson Institute for American Maritime History. The first issue highlights maritime social history to align with the Museum’s new exhibition Entwined: Freedom, Sovereignty, and the Sea. Highlights of the first issue include five peer-reviewed scholarly papers from leading scholars; an inaugural letter from Editor in Chief Christina Connett Brophy; a perspectives essay by guest editor Akeia de Barros Gomes; a photo essay capturing the experiences of workers aboard cargo ships during and after the COVID-19 crisis; features on boat preservation in Brazil, African miniature canoes, and a Viking ship model from the Museum’s collection; and poetry, book reviews, and listings for upcoming Museum exhibits and academic events. 

“Maritime studies are the key to our shared experience. It is impossible to consider our cultural, scientific, economic, social, or even physiological development without consideration of the sea above and below the surface. It is also impossible to understand where we are and where we are going without understanding where we have been. We hope to elevate and broaden deeper insight into how maritime studies, past, present, and future are an essential part of global heritage.” –Christina Connett Brophy, PhD, Mainsheet Editor in Chief, Senior Vice President, Mystic Seaport Museum. 

The editorial board represents a national and international team of invited expert scholars from various fields and partner institutions, with guest editors for themed editions. Scholarship from the print journal is simultaneously posted free and open access on the journal website, reflecting the Museum’s commitment to making scholarship available at no cost to researchers. Paid subscriptions to the print issue support this commitment. The print journal is full-color, perfect-bound, and designed to be a beautiful library addition. 

To purchase, subscribe, or access the journal website visit https://mysticseaport.org/mainsheet/.