CCA Dock Initiative

Rising Tides, Floating Docks

Over the last 75 years, tens of thousands of sailors and boaters have visited Mystic Seaport Museum by boat. Since 1948, the center of this experience has been the Cruising Club of America dock, where a mariner could tie up and enjoy the Museum day and night.

Presently, the Cruising Club of America dock is in dire need of replacement. We are working on plans and permitting to enact this project along with other improvements to our waterfront.

The replacement dock will not be a fixed pier, but rather concrete floating docks. More and more, our visiting mariners are asking for floating docks which are more user-friendly and conducive to a wider range of boaters who may have mobility challenges. Additionally, we have been witnessing firsthand on our site the very real challenges presented by rising ocean levels. Floating docks will enable us to keep pace with environmental changes well into the future.

We invite you to view the plans and join us to support the project by emailing advancement@mysticseaport.org.

Download the CCA Pledge Agreement.
Please complete the form and email to advancement@mysticseaport.org.

Excerpts from the CCA Dock Dedication
Delivered by Commodore Thorvald Ross
July 31, 1948

“This is to be our dock, which we are not parabolically to dedicate.  What is a dock? Well, it’s much more than oak piles and oak planking.  And this one, because of its Museum association, has a distinctly spiritual character.  In this Marine Museum are the models of ships and other relics of the great old days.  They inspire our imaginations and they charge our present and our future.  President Mallory told me last evening that what he and his associates are doing for the Marine Historical Association is blessed by the leadership of those people of the past.  Our dock will share in that spirited leadership.  It will become a symbol of welcome and well wishing for journeys to be undertaken, and when those journeys are completed, it will be witness lovers’ meetings….”


Photo Gallery

Pictures from the cocktail reception on June 1st for CCA club members. Hosted by Sheila McCurdy, Alix Thorne, Bob Rodgers, Mike Hudner, Bill Cook and Frank Bohlen.

  • CCA Dock Underwater
    CCA Dock flooding in January 2022.
    As we celebrate the Centennial of The Cruising Club of America, there is also an opportunity to recognize and honor the 75 year relationship you have with The Mystic Seaport Museum.
  • In 1946 Museum President Carl Cutler granted a  Lifetime Membership to the CCA to then Club Secretary George Richard.
  • Two years later CCA Commodore Thorvald Ross joined Museum Chairman P.R. Mallory in dedicating the Cruising Club of America Dock at Mystic Seaport.
  • For more than seven decades the CCA Dock has been center stage for tens of thousands of mariners who ventured up the river to experience the wonder of Mystic Seaport Museum.
  • Throughout those decades many of the CCA Club’s Flag Officers and Members have also served on the Board of the Museum; a tradition that continues today.
  • Mystic Seaport is also the steward of many monuments, memorials and buildings named for CCA members including:
    • Hobart “Hobey” Fords Dock
    • Mitchell Gibbons Neff Memorial Bench
    • Shaeffer Exhibition Gallery
    • Daniel Gregory Ships Plans Collection
    • Carelton Mitchell Photography Collection
    • CCA Archives
    • G.W. Blunt White Library
    • Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard
    • CCA Book Purchase Endowment honoring G.W. Blunt White
    • Horace W. Fuller Endowment for scholarships and youth development
    • Harvey Conover Endowment for youth training
    • CCA Dock
  • During your Centennial Year there is a unique opportunity to celebrate your relationship to Mystic Seaport Museum by collectively contributing to our continued growth and success.
  • A campaign has been initiated to collectively contribute $750,000 to the Museum over the next 12-24 months
  • Gifts may be made using appreciated securities, qualified distributions from an IRA and of course direct contributions and pledges may be paid over 1-2 years
  • An anonymous CCA Club member has already pledged to give an additional $250,000 when we reach the $750,000 goal.